Bald Eagle Area School District Board of Directors

Did you know in Pennsylvania there will be Democrats on your Republican ballot? Local county judges and school board candidates may cross-file. Cross-filling occurs when a candidate runs in the Democrat and Republican Primary Election in hopes to eliminate their Republican competition. There will be Democrats on your Republican ballot at the Primary. It’s important to know who you are voting for. Please help our candidates defeat the liberal left agenda and win back our county and state.

Brandi Bartley

Brandi has lived in this area since she was born. She is an alumna from Bald Eagle class of 2000. Brandi currently resides with her husband and 2 sons who currently attend Bald Eagle Area middle school. She has an Associates Degree in Occupational Therapy Assisting, a Bachelor’s in Applied Health Sciences, and is currently a Certified Elderly Service Coordinator here in Centre County. She is passionate about bringing the following to the school board: Transparency: Honest lines of communication with citizens and keeping them informed on decisions that are being made in the best interests of our children and district. Parental Rights: Parental choice in the following categories: Educational Programming, Health and Wellness, as well as Special Educational Programming. Engagement: Community Engagement involving the citizens voice. Also, collaboration between the board and community on common interests for our children.

Molly Hoover

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Jason Penland

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Erica Danneker

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